Microwave oven Buying Guide | Buy a Right Oven for Your Home

Microwave oven Buying guide
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In this Microwave buying guide, we help you to find the best and most suitable microwave by considering the types of microwave, capacity, and some additional features that you most like on a microwave.

Today microwave ovens become the most important kitchen appliances to grill, bake, and cook microwave ovens are good for bake a cake, chicken grills, chicken tandoori, and many more food items.

Types of Microwave oven:

The most main and important part is to choose a type of microwave oven before buying a microwave oven

Why it is important to choose the type of microwave oven?

Different types of microwave ovens are work differently. On the below, we are already the type of microwave ovens.

Solo microwave:

Solo microwave is the 1st microwave models that are coming in the market also it called an entry-level model it’s only ideal for reheating of food

Grill microwave:

The main Feature of grill microwave oven is grill and reheat every food it comes with additional grilling accessories. Grill Microwave ovens are suitable to grill meat and vegetables.

Convention Microwave:

Convention microwaves are the mixture of above two microwave ovens. On Convention Microwave oven you got a fan and heating element that create airflow patterns inside the microwave oven and its ideal for cooking baking grilling everything that’s you want to do in a microwave oven.

features of microwave oven according her types

Features of Microwave oven

You need to Look around some of the features before buying a microwave oven for yourself.hear we list of the some of the common features you need in a microwave oven

Auto cook menu:

By the auto cook feature in microwave oven cooking with an oven is pretty easy. In the auto cook feature, pre-programmed recipes are available that can simplify the preparation of recipes. Once you selected the auto cook feature along with food weight the oven automatically sets the power and mode required for the cooking.

Child lock:

Child lock feature helps full if you have kids in your home because kids accidentally put their hands in the microwave.


It’s a microwave function that specially created fro frozen food.

Preheat: some of the recipes need a certain temperature before start cooking. So you need to turn on your microwave oven and wait some time tills its hot this process is called preheat.

Family Size vs capacity:

For 2 – 3 people 15 to 20 liters | For 3-5 people 25 to 30 liters | More than 5 people 30 +liters

Panel Type:

In market microwave are comes with different panel there are mainly 3 types of panels are there

microwave oven panel types

Why you need to choose a panel!

Because a good panel can make a microwave oven easier to use all features of a microwave oven like setting a timer, child lock, preheat, cook menu etc.

Mechanical panel:

mechanical panels are easy to use and long life.

Feather touch:

Feather-touch panel comes with stylish design and touch screen panel. The best advantage of the touch panel is easy to clean

Tactile panel:

Tactile panels are also called jog-wheel control. The main advantage of this type of control is that you can easily set time and temperature.

Accessories you needed after buying a microwave oven:

Microwave plate cover, Microwave oven Glove, Baking tray, Microwave Tawa, microwave Crisper, cupcake pan, soup mug etc…

Tips to use Microwave oven for long life:

  • Clean the outer and interior part of the microwave after use it for longer life of your microwave oven
  • Always use Oven gloves(oven mitts) to avoid the heat of the microwave.
  • Don’t allow kids to operate and use the microwave because its very danger
  • Don’t use ant metallic cookware set in microwave for cooking and bake. Use only microwave-safe cookware like borosil  glass-ceramic, plastic and paper

Before buying any home and kitchen appliances for your home you people always search for the best brand in microwave ovens. In India the best Brand in Microwave oven is IFBYou can also buy it from amazon and flipkart.

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